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"Be good, Zuko. Thank you for watching him, Kaya." Ursa stood at her neighbor's front door with her son.
"I will be." Zuko said, wincing as his mother kissed his cheek. "Mom." He grumbled.
"Right. I'm leaving." Ursa waved and left her son at her friend's house.
"Katara! Zuko's here!" Kaya yelled up the stairs. Katara ran down the steps, her little pig tails bouncing with each bound.
"You two go ahead and watch a movie. I have some work to do." Kaya went to her office at the top of the stairs and left the children alone.
"Let's watch The Little Mermaid." Katara said, shutting the door behind her friend.
"That's what we watched last weekend. It's my turn to pick." Zuko stumbled over to the shelf with the DVDs and looked for one. He pulled one out and passed it to the girl behind him.
"A Nightmare on Elm street? Sokka said that was a really scary movie." Katara said, glancing at the cover of the movie.
"What? You're not scared are you?" Zuko asked, raising his eyebrows and crossing his arms.
"Me? No. I just don't want you to get scared." Katara said, marching over to the DVD player to put in the movie.
"I'll be fine." Zuko hopped up on the couch to watch the movie. Katara followed him.
"You sure you'll be ok?" Katara asked, sitting stiffly.
"I'm sure. I like scary movies." Zuko said, glancing over at Katara.
"Yeah. They're cool." Katara nervously looked at the screen.
After the first half of the movie, Zuko was bored. He honestly wished he would have stuck with The Little Mermaid because Katara was scared. At first it was kind of funny, but then she pulled her knees up to her tiny chest and whimpered whenever something scary happened.
Her terrible singing to the songs was better than her whimpering like a puppy. Zuko sighed, got up, and turned the movie off.
"I'm bored. And tired. Let's just go to bed." He said, grabbing his bag off of the floor. Katara looked up at him in surprise.
"Yeah, sure. It was getting boring." Katara brushed it off and led Zuko up the stairs.
Katara and Zuko took turns changing into pajamas and brushing their teeth in the bathroom until they ended up in Katara's bedroom. Once Zuko had his teddy bear and was under the covers he was asleep. Katara, however didn't have such luck. The movie had scared her for one thing, but her sock monkey told her he would keep the monsters away. Then Zuko was hogging the covers. Katara tugged at them, but Zuko growled in his sleep, so she gave up and just scooted a little closer to him. She didn't care if she woke up with cootie, as long as she woke up warm.

"Hi, Mrs. Ursa." Katara said as she opened the door, Popsicle in hand.
"Hello Katara." Ursa smiled. "Alright, you two, stay out of trouble." she said, kissing the top of Zuko's head.
"We'll be back later." Kaya said, pulling her coat on.
"Bye!" Ursa waved as her and her best friend walked out the door.
"What do you want to do?" Katara asked.
"I don't know. Your hair looks stupid." Zuko said sauntering past her.
"Your stupid." Katara grimaced, following him to the living room. "What did you do to your knee?" She asked, noticing the bandage on it as he looked at the DVDs on the shelf.
"Hm? Oh, I fell off my bike. Hey let's watch this one." He grabbed a movie and went over to the TV.
"Which one?" Katara asked, sitting on the couch.
"Friday the 13th." He said. This was one of the stupid ones that he found kind of funny.
"Oh. Scary." Katara said, licking her Popsicle.
"Are you too chicken to watch?" He asked, slyly looking over her shoulder.
"No. Of course not." Katara scoffed, rolling her eyes for added effect.
"Good." Zuko pressed play and hopped on the couch beside her.
As soon as the killing started, Zuko started laughing. It was so cheesy looking. But something made him stop.
Katara had gotten scared and grabbed his wrist. He stopped laughing and glanced at Katara out of the corner of his eye. She looked terrified. He shifted to let her grasp his hand.
"Hey, this movie's stupid. It's late, let's just go to bed." Zuko said, hitting the power button on the remote. Katara nodded, her Popsicle melting slightly. She silently held it out to Zuko, who bit half of it off, then finished the rest herself on the way up the stairs. She set up the cot beside her bed while Zuko changed in the bathroom.
"You scared?" He asked as he crawled into his bed.
"No. That movie was stupid." Katara said, climbing into her own bed.
"Yeah it was. Night." Zuko curled up in his bed and immediately fell asleep and started snoring.
Katara could not take it. It was keeping her awake. She licked her finger, leaned over to him, and stuck her finger in his ear. He grimaced with discomfort and swatted her hand away.
"Gross. What was that for?" He asked.
"For being annoying." Katara grumbled, rolling over and pulling the blankets up to her chin.
"Your annoying." He said, but he rolled over and fell asleep again.

"Ready for this?" Zuko asked as soon as Katara opened up the door.
"Oh god, you got a porno didn't you?" Katara asked, glaring at him.
"No." Zuko glared back at her. "Better." He sauntered into the room.
"That sentence told me two things. You watch pornos and you watch them enough to know something better." Katara listed off as she shut the door.
"Shut up." Zuko glared over his shoulder as he put the DVD into the player. "I got Paranormal Activity." He smiled widely.
"Ugh, that movie was so stupid." Katara crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.
"You never saw it. Remember? We were going to then you got the flu." Zuko smirked, standing tall.
"Yeah, well I heard it was stupid."
"Who told you that? Aang? That kid's afraid of his own shadow." Zuko scoffed. "Your just scared." Zuko teased.
"I am not." Katara said as she disappeared into the kitchen.
"Are too!" Zuko said, listening to the popcorn being poured into a large bowl.
"No, I'm not." Katara said as she walked back into the living room.
"Fine, then let's watch it." Zuko smiled and took the bowl from her. The two of them settled into the couch as the movie started. Katara was fine for a little while. She ate popcorn from the bowl in Zuko's lap just to have something to occupy her. Then the movie started to get scary.
Zuko was lifting popcorn to his mouth when it happened. Katara jumped and grabbed his shoulder. He dropped the popcorn from his hand back to the bowl. He slyly glanced over at her. Her nails were digging sharply into his shoulder and her knees were curled up on the couch toward him.
"You alright?" He asked, leaning down toward her.
"Hm? Y-yeah. Yeah, just wanted to make sure you weren't scared or anything." She said, going back to her original sitting position, Indian style on the couch beside him.
"You sure?" He asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah." She nodded quickly, then reached for more popcorn. Zuko relaxed for a little bit, then she jumped again, this time she reached for his hand and hit the edge of the popcorn bowl in his lap. This caused two things. One, popcorn flew everywhere. Two, the bowl pressed down on Zuko's, ehem, sensitive area.
"Ugh," He grunted as he doubled over.
"Oh, my gosh, are you ok?" She asked, gently placing her hands on his back.
"No." He groaned, shaking his head. Katara quickly picked up the remote and hit the pause button. She picked popcorn out of Zuko's hair while he recovered.
"Wow, we have to clean this up." She said, surveying the popcorn covered living room.
"You have to clean this up. I didn't do it." Zuko said, sitting back up.
"Oh, just help me." Katara said as she stood up. She paused and wiggled a little bit.
"What?" Zuko asked, reaching for his forgotten water bottle on the table beside him. He took a sip before realizing it wasn't his and spit it back into the bottle. Katara watched him.
"That was mine. You can keep it." She said, raising her eyebrows. She wiggled a little more then looked down her polka-dotted shirt. She reached in and pulled out a piece of popcorn. She popped it in her mouth and continued to the coat closet to get the vacuum. Zuko just watched her, sipping the water. Katara started up the vacuum and he just sat on the couch and watched her, eating the little popcorn that was left in the bowl.
She bent down to pick up some of Sokka's socks that were laying forgotten on the floor when Zuko looked up from the bowl. He saw the top of Katara's underwear poking out. It was a thong. He started choking on the popcorn in his mouth. Katara was at his side right away, patting his back and passing him the water bottle. Once he finally got the popcorn down, he took a deep breath.
"Thanks." He said, twisting the cap back on his water.
"No problem." Then she bounced up and started to wrap up the vacuum cord.

"Hey, Katara." Zuko swept Katara into his arms and gave her a kiss as he walked into her house.
"Hi. You get that movie?" She asked, kicking the door closed behind him.
"No, they were out of The Last Song. I got The Woman In Black." Zuko smiled.
"Daniel Radcliff should stick to being Harry Potter." Katara said, following Zuko to the living room.
"Do you really want to be watching Harry Potter 87 when your a little old lady? They'll be too slow with their walkers to do anything." Zuko said, putting the DVD in the player.
"They won't need to. After Harry Potter 30 they can just start showing them again in theaters in 3D." Katara crossed her arms and flopped on the couch. "It's so stupid how they do that now."
"Oh, you know you want to go see Finding Nemo in 3D." Zuko smiled as he walked back to the couch.
"Finding Nemo is the most amazing Pixar movie ever. Who wouldn't want to see Dori in 3D?" Katara huffed and crossed her arms.
"Point taken." He said, settling his arm around her shoulders as the movie started.
Zuko had seen this movie multiple times in the theater. First he had gone with his sister Azula, who found the movie hilarious. Then Toph's parent's paid him to 'supervise' Toph and Aang's date. Aang was scared to death, Toph was excited and cheering on the 'creepy spirit thing.' Then he and Sokka had gone because Katara thought it would be a good boyfriend-brother bonding thing.
But he had never seen it with Katara. He knew how she was about scary movies, but she never told him she was scared or that she didn't want to watch them, so he continued to bring them over every month for a movie night.
The movie started to get a little scary. Katara was on the edge of her seat, then something happened that made her jump. She tackled Zuko into the corner of the couch and hid her face in his neck. He laughed a little at her reaction, then he held her tightly against him.
"Is it over?" She mumbled.
"Yeah, it's over." Zuko said, watching the grown up wizard on the screen.
"Good." Katara sat back and leaned into Zuko.
"You want me to turn it off?" He asked, reaching for the remote.
"No. I'm going to get through one scary movie if it kills me." Katara sighed.

Katara was sleeping restlessly in her bed. She was having terrible nightmares after watching that movie. She shot up, panting and in a cold sweat. She fumbled for her cell phone on her night stand and pressed the speed dial number 4.
"Hm? Katara it's 1 in the morning." Zuko said when he picked up his phone.
"I know. I keep having bad dreams." She sighed.
"I'm coming over."  He said, then hung up.
A few minutes later, Zuko was climbing through Katara's bedroom window carrying his teddy bear. Only Katara knew that he still slept with it. He didn't say anything. He just climbed into bed beside Katara and wrapped his arms around her. She laced her fingers with his and relaxed.
"I love you." Zuko whispered.
"I love you too." Katara whispered back.
It was only a few moments before the couple was slumbering soundly.
A one shot written for [link] and [link] Very wonderfully drawn and it inspired this. Katara and Zuko having movie nights and sleepovers through out their childhood and teen years. :)
Love-Shizuo Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
awww zuko sleeps with a teddy bear :iconhandspazzplz:
Freak-With-Issues Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student General Artist
So adorable and sweet! I especially loved the ending!
Thanks! :)
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